avisphlox asked: Espera, has puesto tu foto aqui? Vos tenéis pelo rojo? :) Soy de California, USA, estoy aprendiendo Castellano :D

No, mi foto no esta aqui (: y no tengo el pelo rojo si no rubio!

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takeshione asked: when are you gonna post more pictures?

Sorry! I’ve been on vacation and I’ve been out of my house! (: But tomorrow I’ll be posting a lot of new pictures everyday! thanks for asking! <3

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italianboyforyou asked: you are cutee

you’re so sweet!

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moramax13 asked: Hi we're u from

I’m from Spain! (: and you?

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kingshawarma asked: your blog is by far my favorite right now. I am in love with all these redheads.


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womenandwindows asked: Beautiful blog! Congrats! :)

I hope you enjoy it (: xx <3

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ricardo-cervantes asked: Best ginger blog I've ever seen! Ty!

You’re welcome! <3

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